Kamen Rider Chronicle [Kamen Rider Fanfic Idea&Rec Thread Phase 2] (2023)

In a large hallway, soldiers from medieval fantasy fought against a hoard of skull-like monsters. Amidst the battle, two individuals charged forth through the skirmish. The first was a young man with red and blue hair, heterochromatic eyes, and wore a white jacket that had gold lines, a red lined cape, and black and gold armor on the shoulder and boots. The other was a young man with black hair and blue highlights who wore a black and blue jacket over a shirt that had a pale pink t-rex on it, blue jeans, and black and blue sneakers.

After the two boys knocked the monsters away, two more individuals joined them.

"Almost time." a young knight with blue hair, a long blue coat, and a sword told the pair after manifesting from the red and blue-haired boy.

"Yeah, let's kick their asses!" a small pink and blue t-rex agreed after leaping onto the black and blue-haired boy's shoulder.

When three of the skull monsters tried to attack the duo, the sound of a brachio could be heard before a man in a black bodysuit with black and white armor that had gold on the mismatched shoulderpads and chest armor, a helmet that had one angled horn-like compound eye on the left and a strange triangle-like monocle, and finally a black belt that piples leading to a golden centerpiece that housed the same symbol as the Rider's right eye, and two spots for something to go. He was joined by a woman with purple hair and wore an extravagent black dress thath had red roses addorned on it, and a large brachiosaurus that had silver armor on it's legs, body and finally it's neck which had the katakana for brachiosaurus on it.

"Ivy-san! George-san! Rex!" the black and blue-haired boy cheered.

"You two go ahead!" George Karizaki, Kamen Rider Juuga, told them.

"We can handle this." Ivy, crown princess of Elusia, affirmed.

As more appeared, another ghost appeared by Ivy's side, this time a young woman with long green hair in a ponytail wearing a blue outfit. As the spirit drew her bow, Juuga nodded towards the brachiosaurus as it quickly transformed his neck armor into that of a large blade.

"Let's kick some ass!" Juuga declared as he took out a stamp-like object that had a brachiosaurus on the front, while a clock Rider helmet was within the mold. He then brought it to the port on his belt.


"You said it!"

the brachiosaurus, Altered Rex, roared before swinging his nead down.



This caused a large fissure to appear and send the monsters into the air for Juuga to leap in and quickly perform a barrage of punches.


The chimera Rider then delivered a double axe handled that launched the monsters into the mage and her spirit, who promptly destroyed the monsters with a combined wind spell.


Meanwhile, a man with crimson hair, a set of crimson and beige leather armor, gloves that had white fur lining it, and a red cape, was fighting alongside another armored warrior with his entire torso was covered with metallic webbing as a small spider was on his shoulder, a helmet that that of a spider's head as it had several eyes around it, and finally a odd belt that showed an LED spider on it. After briefly being joined by a spirit with red hair and blue armor, as well as a dimetrodon that had fire-like patterns and a fiery sail, the three turned towards the pair and their partners running forth.

"Jeez, these freaks are everywhere!" the dimetrodon growled.

"You think Hoshi? It's starting to look like a Musou game here!" Kamen Rider Demons agreed with the dimetrodon, Altered Hoshi, as he quickly fired some webs to hold down more of the monsters.

Diamant, crown prince of Brodia, then turned towards the gathered group of armored warriors, nobles, spirits, and talking animals, "Keep them back!" he ordered.

"We won't lose, right girls?" A young girl with dark skin and a set of white clothes that had splotches of seafoam green, yellow, and pink cheered as she readied her spear.

"Indeed, we have to keep fighting, for both our worlds!" A young armored warrior with a cobra-like helmet that had blue compound eyes, a black bodysuit that had light orange highlights and a navy blue cobra on the chest, and large beige boots and gauntlets agreed.

"Ara ara, this is going to be so fun~!" A strange woman wearing a baby blue cobra headdress, yellow eyes, and wore a long flowing white jacket over a light blue shirt, baby blue bellbottom pants, white shotes, and black gloves laughed.

After briefly dodging a swing from one of the skull monsters, Solm crown princess Timerra joined Kamen Rider Jeanne and her partner Hebi as two more joined them. The first was a red wolf with sliver and golden armor while the other was a burly male spirit with a large golden sword.

"Not bad, but not good enough!" the wolf, Altered Hikari, laughed as the girls fought against the monsters.

Finally, a young blonde prince with a white and yellow dress shirt, a blue cape, and black pants spun around his spear alongside an armored warrior that had a gray and light green undersuit as he had a white armor on top with yellow highlights as a yellow bat was on his chest piece with his helmet and visor in the shape of a bat opening its wings. The bat warrior then fired off his gun, which had the same color scheme as his bodysuit, gold on the side of the gun barrel, and a black stamp that had a white bat on it.

After one couple of swings from the blonde prince that summoned forth a spirit with long navy blue hair and a simple navy blue outfit to slash her sword alongside him, a large blue spinosaurus with a white underbelly, yellow markings on his face and a large spiked sail and a green jaguar with vines wrapping around it's front paws and a flower growing on it's head joined them.

"Keep going! You can do this Alear, Valt, Chomp!" the crown prince of Firene, Alfred, told the trio, the red and blue-haired Alear, the black and blue-haired Valt Igarashi, and finally the miniature T-Rex Chomp, as Kamen Rider Live blasted the incoming skull monsters that were ready to pounce on the quartet.

"Nice shooting Tex" the jaguar commented.

"Please, this is child's play." Kamen Rider Live noted before he performed a motion akin to adjusting one's glasses, "You should aide prince Alfred and Shirou in keeping the Giff Juniors at bay, Momoka." he told the jaguar, Altered Momoka.

"Like you need to ask!" the spinosaurus, Altered Shirou chuckled before kicking one of the monsters towards Alfred to skewer.

Soon, all four reached a large door at the end of the hallway. Alear pressed his hand on the door, the golden ring he was wearing briefly displaying it's power.

"Our final battle lies ahead." the crown prince of Archenia, Emblem Marth, told the trio.

"You think we're ready for this?" Valt asked.

After a brief silence, Alear turned towards the blue and black-haired boy and the miniture T-Rex, "I'm sure of it."

"Well what are we waiting for! Let's go!" Chomp cheered.

"I agree, it's time to buddy up and engage." Emblem Marth agreed.

With a confident nod, the four charged forth towards their next destination.


As the sound of a Vistamp being pressed down rang out, an image displaying the words FIRE EMBLEM 30th x KAMEN RIDER 50th briefly appears before entering a large vortex. Soon brief images showcasing past events from Fire Emblem and Kamen Rider fanfics appeared before focusing on Elyos. The title then appears soon afterwards

/Counter-action rising
Yeah, we are ready for the punch-line/
It soon cuts to the Somniel, where Alear and Valt stand side-by-side. Afterwards, the other royals and Kamen Riders appear one-by-one

/There's no use with all your gimmicks
So check this out!/
As the two either adjust the Emblem Ring or take out a Vistamp, they then lift them into the air which causes a shining light to appear and blind the screen.

/Login you damned one's
Crush the hope to compromise
The noise comes

Are you ready to bow?/
The scene quickly jumps to scenes of destruction, briefly showing off the retainers of the four royals fighting off Giff's forces.

/What 'bout the antidote for the jammed and hypnotized?
Rend the lie that covers/
As they fought, suddenly the Fell Dragon appeared with several Deadmans by his side. Scared, the retainers stood their grown before Alear, the Riders, and the four royals arrived.

/Who's the real sucker now?!/
The scene soon shows both armies staring each other down, the camera focusing on Alear, Valt, Chomp, the Fell Dragon, and Olteca before a gust of wind blows the scene away.

/Embrace the pain as if it's nothing new
Like a resilient rose, in vain, it blooms/
After the jump, it shows Valt waking up in a grassy field. After getting up, he sees Chomp waiting for

/Throw out ya words of doubt and leave this town,
Say a goodbye cause you can't back down now/
After showing the pair briefly walking down the path, they soon see Somniel where Vandar, Clanne, Framme, Itsuki, Hifumi, Peter, and George were waiting, alongside Spindle, Hebi, and finally Alear

/Yeah, all you gotta do is shout it out
Just sing WOAH OH OH OHH/
It then cuts to Valt, Itsuki, Hifumi, Peter, and George falling from the sky, each one surrounded by a pink, gray, blue, red, and golden light as they fly towards Elyos before jumping to show the back of Revi as it soon changes to show the Riders preparing to transform behind a red background, while Alear and the four royals summoned prepared to engage on the other.

/Database Database
Just living in the Database whoa-oh!/
It soon jumps to Diamant leaping down and slashing through while Timerra sping around her spear. After Aftred knocked a couple of Giff Juniors, it then jumps to Ivy firing down a powerful flame spell that reveals Alear in his Marth Engage form alongside the 12 Emblems

/A wall of pure fiction's cracking in my head
As the addition of my world still spreads/
It soon jumps to the Four Hounds surrounding the Fell Dragon before showing Olteca alongside Kelly, Adam, and Karasu, who are holding the corrupted Vistamps in their hands.

/In The Database Database
Just living in the Database whoa-oh!/
It then jumps to Live flying towards several Giff Juniors to shoot them down before switching to Evil and cutting down several more alongside Demons, who unleashed a flurry of kicks. Afterwards, it then jumps to Juuga delivering a powerful slash with his claws before looking back to see Revi and Vice attacking in tandem before transforming into Rex Remix. As Revice Rex Remix roars, the other Altered Beasts appear by their side.

/It doesn't even matter if there is no hope
As the madness of the system grows!/
It then changes to Lumera lifting her hands into the air as the silhouettes of the spirits within the Bond Rings and the other Vistamps appeared. The scene then transitions via flame to the Fell Dragon as the Dark Emblems loomed in the distance

/Database Database
Just living in the Database/
It then changes to show George looking over the Vistamps that contain the Altered Beasts before jumping to a brief montage of the Engage cast and the Riders hanging out

/Database Database
Just sing WHOA OH OH OHH/
It then briefly shows Alear lifting his hand in the air then Valt throwing up a rocker sign before it finally showcases the pair alongside the other royals, retainers, and Riders as they gaze on the sunrise, their shadows becoming that of the Emblems, Bonds, and Altered Beasts.


One thousand years ago, the land of Elyos was besieged by a Fell Dragon. Thanks to a group of powerful warriors utilizing the powers of heroes of other worlds, the Fell Dragon was sealed. Elyos enjoyed a millennium of peace, but the seal holding back the Fell Dragon has begun to weaken, requiring a young dragon named Alear to reawaken.

However he is not alone as a young man named Valt Igarashi wakes up in Elyos with no memory of how he got there, only a strange stamp and a mysterious dinosaur who calls himself an Altered Beast. As the two boys cross paths, a series of bizzare adventures shakes the world of Elyos forever...

(Revice x Engage x Rider SI-OCs)

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