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  • Best options for auto repair financing

    Even if you have just bought a brand-new truck, there will always be the risk that a core component will suddenly fail to function. Stuck on the side of the road, with amass recallon the horizon, and more questions than answers in mind, you stand back and assess your options. Research shows that the averagecost to service and repair an automobilehas grown exponentially year over year. Furthermore, only 30% of US car owners have the financial ability to fund the unexpected cost of repairing their vehicle on their own. Those who do not have the funds to cover such expenses, or are not covered under the insurance plan or dealer warranty guarantee are faced with an even tougher scenario. Fortunately, a personal loan presents a viable solution in these sorts of situations. But knowing what you are signing up for is a crucial first step. To proceed, you’ll first need to spend some time studying the terms of loan agreements (interest rates, terms, amounts, additional fees, and payments) of various lenders. However, once a lender has been chosen, you can finance your car repairs almost instantly by applying such financing to credit organizations. Here’s how it works… Online title loans for emergency financing The first lending option many people consider isOnline Title Loans on Compacom. The advantage of an online loan option is that you do not have to look for a lender that suits your needs. Applying for title loans takes only a few minutes, and it can be done with any device with an internet connection, and the loan approval process tends to be very quick. So typically within a day or so you will receive the funds you need to repair your truck or SUV. Another advantage of online title loans is that you do not have to present any collateral in person to receive the loan. In the case of online lending, the appraiser merely needs a description of the object being used as collateral and a few photos of what is being offered via the electronic online application. No income verification Another option for financing your car repair isCar Title Loans with “No Income Verification.” As a rule, you do not need proof of income to receive this kind of loan. Instead, it requires the borrower to use their vehicle title as collateral to obtain the loan. If the borrower fails to pay off the loan promptly, then his car will most likely be processed and put up for sale by the lender. In the case of such lending, the risk of the lender is reduced, as they have your title as collateral. They don’t care whether you have a source of income or not. If your credit terms are violated, your debt will be covered by the proceeds from the sale of your car. So if you suddenly find yourself unemployed and in urgent need of auto repair, applying for car title loans with no income verification might be your best bet. Guaranteed funding of bad credit personal loans People with low credit scores and/or a bad credit history face a different type of challenge. Fast cash to finance vehicle repairs is still possible if youget bad credit personal loans with guaranteed approval all the way up to $5,000. In the case of such lending, the lending institution does not conduct a strict check of your credit. The only thing to remember is that due to the increased credit risk for the lender, interest rates on such loan products are higher than on other types of loans. In this case, you can always repay such a loan ahead of schedule to avoid additional fees. The big picture To repair your rig, you can always use a personal loan or a payday loan. The main thing to remember is that you have options at your disposal if you suddenly find yourself in need of additional funding for said repairs. Having a low credit score, bad credit history, or even being temporarily unemployed will not restrict your ability to get that rig back on the road. There’s a lot toknow about car title loans, and a lot to beware of as well. So read up and choose a lender carefully.

  • Truck keys are one of thoseparts of a truck that are all too often taken for granted. A seemingly small portion of a pickup that has nothing to do with payload, towing, or 4×4 prowess, but everything to do with its function. You never know how important that truck key fob is until it is misplaced, malfunctioning, or worse yet, stolen. If you find yourself in need of a replacement key fob for your rig, it’s important to know how to get a fresh set in a jiffy. Here are some steps you should take when considering truck key fob replacement. Key fob stop working or missing? If your key fob is not working, the first thing you should do is check the battery. Just like any other electronic device,battery power makes the magic happen, and over time it will eventually need to be replaced. Luckily, the batteries you require are readily available at most stores and even gas stations. Just make sure the replacement has a matching battery number! If your truck key fob is missing, it can either be replaced in one of two ways: 1. Take your vehicle to a dealership that sells your make of truck or SUV 2. Calling an automotive locksmith The dealership approach The first place that most people go for replacement key fobs is the dealership where they bought their truck. It makes sense too. They are the ones with all the information required for a new unit and can program it right there onsite. Depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle, this may be your only option. Certain manufacturers embed a proprietary chip into the key fob that can only be reprogrammed at certain dealerships. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be quite pricey and may require ordering a fresh unit from the factory. Using an automotive locksmith Calling a locksmith that specializes in automotive key fob replacement is another, far less expensive option. Furthermore, they will come to you, so you don’t have to worry about towing the vehicle or catching a ride somewhere. Quick and easy, this method takes far less time than the dealership. Take companies likeAuto Locksmiths for example. With their tools and experience, they can replace your missing key with one that meets your preferences, while keeping price and features in mind. Another benefit of using an automotive locksmith is that they are typically available 24/7. No need for an appointment here. Just call when you need help and they’ll come to you so that you can truck on with whatever business you have to do while they work. Check your vehicle warranty You can find out if your truck manufacturer will replace the remote or key fob if it is defective by checking its vehicle warranty. To do this, locate the warranty in your glove compartment, which has information on how to contact the manufacturer. If there is a fee for replacing the key, this will likely be listed as well. Check with your insurer Check with your insurance company to see if a missing, stolen, or defective key fob is covered. In most cases, they may only cover it if the truck itself was stolen along with the keys. So check with your insurer, because everyone’s policy is different. How much does it cost to have a key fob programmed? Since a key fob is specifically programmed to a particular vehicle, replacing one requires some programming. For this fee you can expect to pay between $50-$100, depending on the type of vehicle of course. Key fobs for newer vehicles tend to cost a bit more than older model trucks due to the amount of tech packed into them. Can the key fob be programmed without the truck? No, the truck and its keys need to be in the same area to be programmed. Since it is essentially a remote for your truck, it makes sense that you can’t do much without both the key fob and truck present. How long does it take? On average, you can expect to have a new key fob in your hand in around 30-minutes or so once programming starts. However, you will need to factor in an additional 30-minutes for paperwork, insurance mumbo-jumbo, and conversing with the technician. Still, that’s not too bad, especially if the automotive locksmith can come to you, and you get your new fob there on the spot. So yes, getting your truck key fob problem solved quickly is “key.” No one likes waiting around all day in the service department at the dealership. Truck key fob replacement is not difficult or expensive. If yours has stopped working or been lost, don’t worry! You have replacement options at your disposal that will not cost a small fortune.

  • All too often, people will invest their money in classic trucksorvintage SUVs, only to not take adequate care of them down the road. If you own a truck or SUV, and you have it insured, then there’s no need to worry. You can always claim parked vehicle damages without facing any financial burden. Right? Wrong! Nowadays people are opting for a different kind of coverage: Truck and car covers. Protection that covers vehicles against driveway accidents. And while the cost of these covers may vary depending upon the type/size of vehicle in question, it’s a worthy investment for a variety of reasons. Why should you use a car cover? If you’re looking to protect your vehicle from the elements, then a car cover should be your first choice. Concerned about protecting paint, glass, or fading black plastic? You’re covered. Literally. For instance, the most expensive car cover is a “comprehensive cover,” which comes with a warranty period that can be factored into your auto insurance. This way, the insurer will provide additional benefits based on the grade of the car cover in question. For more on this grade of security, you’ll want to turn to car cover specialists likeCoverland.com. How often do you need to use a car cover? Most people never realize how often they should be using their car or truck cover. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider buying one: ● It boosts resale value ● Reduces the risk of rust and corrosion ● Stops organic materials like bird poo, bug larvae, tree sap, and more from embedding in your paint job ● Can reduce damage from flying debris and inclement weather How do car covers work? Car covers come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. From RV and boat covers to ATVs and 4×4 trucks, there’s something for everyone. Some of them have been designed to be waterproof, while others are just meant to keep debris off your ride. Prolonged storage is another reason why a truck cover might be a good idea. This is especially true if you live in an area that gets awful wintry weather, and you don’t want to rust out that classic C10 pickup. No indoor parking space? No problem. How car covers protect your vehicle’s exterior Since car covers are made out of soft material, they won’t scratch the exterior of your vehicle. Unlike the elements outside, car covers will not cause damage but instead protect against dirt, grime, snow, ice, and foul language coming from the neighbor next door. You want to make sure that you buy a truck cover that is made out of a material that won’t crack or fade with time. A cover that is made from UV-resistant polyethylene will stay strong and last for years. Remember, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to purchase a new truck or car cover than it is to get a paint job.

  • How to handle a truck crash

    Truck collisions are often among the most severe incidents that can happen on the open road. According to wattelandyork.com/phoenix/truck-accidents/, a truck crash often results in one or more fatalities, depending on the circumstances of course. Because truck drivers are under pressure to maintain strict schedules, they often speed. Long stints of driving often leave truck drivers feeling exhausted as well. However, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has installed certain regulations that truck drivers and their companies must comply with. Failing to adhere to these regulations can be used against the at-fault party, among other things, if they cause a collision. What to do during a truck crash Although dealing with a truck crash is a traumatic experience, you must remain calm and remember everything you do or say can be used against you. If you can, clear the roadway by pulling your vehicle off the road and turning off the engine. This decreases the likelihood of a secondary accident and ensures a fire will not break out. Check your injuries and those of the other passengers in your vehicle. If you are seriously injured, stay put until the ambulance arrives. However, if the vehicle is at risk of fire, you should try to get away from it. If you are not seriously wounded, try to help others get to safety, but only if they have minor injuries. If they are severely injured, you could further harm them by moving them. Call the police, file an accident report, and request an ambulance to document your injuries properly. Allow medics to perform a check-up on you even if you feel fine. Remember, you are entitled to compensation in accidents. Every injury you sustain can be compensated, but you must seek medical aid as soon as possible. Some injuries do not manifest immediately, so you must let the medics examine you to ensure you are healthy. Also, you need those records later for your personal injury case. Be cautious and gather evidence You should write down the name of the trucking company that owns the vehicle, including the plate number, driver’s name, and registration or insurance information. While doing so, remember to be polite and never imply it was your fault. While exchanging insurance information with the other driver or drivers, do not discuss details of the accident with them. Be sure you get photos of the scene, or start filming with your phone if possible. This will help you tremendously in your case later on. If there are any witnesses, be sure to collect their contact information as well, and do not discuss who caused the collision with them. If the truck driver or any other driver suggests not to involve the police or the insurance companies in this incident but rather handle things off the books, you should deny this immediately. Doing such will cause issues later with the law and from a financial perspective. You may find yourself dealing with both physical and mental anguish that prevents you from working or driving for a while. In the worst case, you may have had a traumatic brain injury that did not manifest itself right away. These types of injuries are severe and take a long time to heal. If you do not proceed with a personal injury claim in your truck crash, you will not be able to receive any compensation for your troubles, including lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses. Contact a truck accident lawyer Because you want to receive proper compensation for your injuries, property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and other things, the best thing to do is to contact a lawyer specializing in truck collisions to handle your case. Some law firms offer free consultations; this is where you can determine if you have a strong case without paying anything. A truck accident lawyer will gather evidence, hire specialists to reconstruct the accident scene, and will be able to get a better deal for your claim than if you would pursue it on your own.

  • The whats and hows of an electronic throttle controller

    Thinking of a performance upgrade for your truck or SUV? One that doesn’t cost a fortune, is quick to install and doesn’t need constant tinkering to get right? If you’ve done your research, then that list narrows down quite quickly to a few engine additions that can function on their own and still deliver. Throw in the cost side of things, and you’ll be looking for a throttle controller. With a throttle controller’s electronic wizardry, you can get that rig up to speed that much faster. And when you plan on towing, or are putting bigger tires on your rig, a bump in power is always appreciated. Forget about quoted 0-60mph times, these things work. If you’re considering getting a throttle body controller, here’s what you should know. What are throttle controllers? It’s all in the name. A throttle controller is an electronic device that helps with throttle actuation and acceleration. We’ve all had those difficult moments with the right foot down and nothing happening. It can last quite some time until the power comes on suddenly, and the vehicle thrusts forward. Though car manufacturers cite safety and emissions for the inbuilt delay, the sensation can be frustrating and dangerous. And there’s a nasty name for it – throttle lag. The task of throttle controllers is to deliver the right amount of throttle every time. And cut out throttle related occurrences like turbo lag in forced induction motors. Press the gas pedal, and your rig is up and running. Instantly. Ease off, and the car coasts or decelerates. How did throttle controllers come about? Meticulous efforts to reduce wear and ill-aligned mechanical cables that opened the throttle body to supply the engine with air were made in the late 1980s. Bosch partnered with BMW in the 7 Series cars in the first production throttle controller. It was also the first car to have adaptive suspension, traction control, and xenon lights. The electronic throttle body controller did away with cables and relied on sensors along the acceleration pedal and throttle body. The working principles are still the same today. Acceleration pedal sensors relay the pedal position to the ECU within a defined voltage range and the computer opens the throttle body to supply the right amount of air for combustion. The more voltage to the ECU, the more throttle input. To remove jerkiness and allow for more linear acceleration, auto makers started including a safety mech to disregard ramped-up signals from the acceleration pedal. With the pedal fully down, the ECU doesn’t read max voltage. The result is the initial delay in throttle response that plagues many fly-by-wire engines today. And this can prove dangerous in overtaking, when leaving lights or driveways, or replicate a loss of power when towing. The disconnect between driver and vehicle is what an aftermarket throttle body controller seeks to remedy. What do aftermarket controllers offer? Aftermarket throttle controllers manipulate the signal from the gas pedal to the ECU. This way, they remove throttle lag. Controllers can ramp up the voltage compared to factory settings, so acceleration and throttle response happen while drivers press down on the gas pedal. The sensitivity of the throttle response can be set to individual driver preferences with incremental settings. There can be a slight improvement over stock, more like a gentle nudge. Or a distinct and immediate push from the engine, and something that brings a smile every time. These are the respective minimum and max settings in controller performance modes. The good news is that drivers can scroll through several settings within this range, or choose other throttle modes according to the driving conditions.

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